What If I Told You...I Want to Quit my Daytime Job?

Would you believe me , If I said I'm ready to quit my daytime job? I don't believe it myself.

I always worked for everything that I wanted or worked towards building my career for ages now. I've had internships ranging in New York, Los Angeles, and even my hometown Grenada. I've worked with top companies and smaller production companies but here I am in my early 20's and I'm having this new life changing idea where I'm quite frankly full of ideas and I'm all over the place.

I always had a goal and a dream goal (there's a big difference) and within that dream goal I always figured I'll build myself underneath someone else's company. Why? Because it felt cheaper, easier, and more convenient. I always said to myself, I'm not blessed with a trust fund or where I can go ask mommy and daddy for thousands of dollars to start up a production company.

That was my mindset about 4 years ago. Things have clearly changed then. You don't need thousands of dollars to start a movement, production company, a business, or whatever it is... if you play your cards right.

Now look... playing your cards right doesn't mean being a follow fashion and following what you see. Yes I'm talking about social media especially Instagram. It's not just a copy and paste type of world.

Playing your cards right is by gaining knowledge. Because knowledge is really power. However, you gain that knowledge, whether it's through school, online, reading books, etc. you build on that knowledge and you take it for what you want to do.

Back to me now....so yes... If I could not go to work tomorrow I wouldn't. Don't get me wrong I'm blessed for my job and all my experiences but I just think I'm already at the point where I want to take that same knowledge and use it to my full power.

And being somewhere for the entire day... well for me entire day and 7 days a week, gives you no time or energy to do what you want to do and when you begin what you want to do (this podcast for example) you have this torn feeling that your not capable of giving it your all.

So if you're like me who wants to quit their daytime job...don't just do it. Make sure it's for the right reasons and you've gathered your resources.

If your at work thinking about your next career or business move that's totally fine, take a minute to write it down. Don't let those ideas go! Take what you can and run with it!

Your time will come.



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