Jussie Smollet: Why Did You Take The Pain and Anger of Racism to Promote Your Career?

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"Empire" Actor Jussie Smollet leaves Cook County Jail following arrest Photo credit: AP Images

Being an openly gay character was first seen since the 1970's but how many people really accepted that? The show "Soap" was the first sitcom that had the first recurring gay character but how many people in the 21st century watched "Soap". I never even heard about the show.

It wasn't until we had shows like Orange is the New Black, Will & Grace, Modern Family and Empire that we really paid attention to the portrayal of the LGBTQ community on television.

Both the LGBTQ community and African-American community are two separate minority groups.

So...it may feel hard trying to fit in, the African-American community for many years have been biased towards the LGBTQ or simply put homophobic ( yes I know...not everyone) but it’s also the simple blatant truth. Where as the LGBTQ community may not always be open towards welcoming someone of color.

So where do black gay men fit in? Where do openly black gay men who are on a "hit show" also portraying such a dynamic and romantic relationship on Empire fit in? 

Truth is they may not ... so that is why America got so angry when they heard Jussie Smollet was a "victim" of a hate crime. 

But why stage a hate crime? Why? What was Jussie's logic? Did he think that it would stir up the right amount of attention to gain following ? I'm sure he did.

I'm also sure he didn't expect all this love and support. It goes to show how powerful social media truly is. You can have millions of people supporting you without being in the same room.

Usually when some type of scandal break out I immediately run to that person's social media pages to watch their following drastically increase. I forgot to do it this time but right now Jussie has 5.3 million followers on Instagram. I can guarantee he had way less than that before this incident occurred.

Was this a way to bring back attention to Empire? Let's Keep in mind Empire Creator Lee Daniels immediately spoke about it -- now he is silent. Remember Jussie didn’t want to share the phone call for privacy reasons? I think if you are the victim of a hate crime the last thing you’re worried about is privacy unless it was confidential business about upcoming Empire production? Doubt it. 

Simply put Jussie did this to put his name on the map as he felt it was falling off or to engage with communities he felt he wanted to be apart of. 

#JusticeforJussie was an embarrassment and I hope this was atleast a lesson to show that social media is a platform that allows your voice to be heard. It can make or break your brand in a heartbeat.

Do you feel like Empire ratings will increase because of this embarrassment?

"How could someone use hatred as an opportunity to further their own public profile" - Chicago's police superintendent.

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