Entrepreneur's Key to Success: It's Not Being a Kardashian

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

So you started your own business and began deep diving into the web on ways to be a successful entrepreneur and the articles and answers are endless. You become so overwhelmed that you start doubting yourself or you attempt to follow your favorite entrepreneur role model and realize that your success isn’t as nearly close to their’s. You begin to wonder..."maybe if I had more money, a bigger team, tons of following, a degree, etc. I would be a successful entrepreneur". Personally growing up, I never had interest in entrepreneurship because I would always say anything related to business just isn’t for me. I want to be creative not talk money! However, I have friends who were always dreaming of being an entrepreneur and start their own business. So just like you I went into a google deep dive but it was only from a learning standpoint. I searched for things like:

  • Best schools for entrepreneurship

  • Internships for entrepreneurs

  • Background for entrepreneurs

And I can go on and on........

Nowadays businesses have been BOOMING and POPPING out everywhere. To the point where I seen it as a trend. I remember being frustrated by the amount of businesses and being annoyed at every girl who runs to sell hair or lashes straight from Aliexpress.

Even scrolling on your Instagram feed (yes I tested it) with every 10 posts you’re likely to see at least 2 sponsored posts and 4 out of your friends/followers promoting a business or trying to sell a product. CRAZY.

However once I started Colored Lens, I grew more respect to my fellow entrepreneurs and I realized that suddenly all the things I thought about a successful entrepreneur DIDN’T MATTER. It has nothing to do with your degree, being a celebrity, or having a fan base. It all comes down to one simple thing: DISCIPLINE.

Yes discipline is the key for any entrepreneur to be successful. Knowledge is power but without discipline it gets you absolutely nowhere. Money is also power but without discipline it will sit there. So what do I mean by discipline? I mean staying consistent even when some days are harder than others. It’s staying passionate and owning to what it is you want to own.Take action every minute of the day and don’t give up on what it is you want to do. There are people out there who are interested in your product or brand. There’s 7.53 billion people in the world! There’s enough room for entrepreneurs all around.

So although I was quick to shy away from the word entrepreneurship and would have never in a million years call myself an entrepreneur, I realize that indeed I am. Colored Lens Podcast was created as a platform to share young people’s success and hardship in the media industry being told through an Afro-Caribbean (Colored) Lens.

Link to latest episode: https://www.buzzsprout.com/245732

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