Can You Survive a Few Days Without Instagram and Snapchat? I did. It was...INTERESTING.

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

I did this thing, where I went on a cleanse. No...I’m not talking about a juice cleanse or anything like that. I went on a social media cleanse, well only specifically Instagram and Snapchat. I noticed how much I depended on these apps for various reasons and wanted to experience what it was like without using those apps. So I went on the cleanse for 3 days (Yes I’m sorry I couldn’t last a minute longer).

I wrote down my experience by day and this is how things went down but first let’s treat it like a scientific experiment here’s my hypothesis:

Hypothesis: The decrease use of Aria’s social media presence will have her friends/family (people who matter) concerned whether she’s okay or not.

Day 1: It was already an epic fail! Without thinking, the first thing I did when I woke up was open up the app. I was already ready to give up like damn… but I decided to start over. In order for me to go on this cleanse, I moved my apps to the back off my IPhone so it wasn’t visible unless I swiped over (which really helped).

How did I spend my idle time? I cheated I went on Facebook and Twitter. I had to do something! However, I noticed I spent a much shorter time on these apps compare to if I was on Instagram and Snapchat.

Eventually, I felt the urge to view pictures, carnival costumes to specific (I needed inspiration) so as I was about to go on Instagram, I remembered oh wait… my I headed over to Pinterest. I was actually able to get the inspiration I was looking for.

I also cheated, again… I had to tell my friends I was on this cleanse because they kept sending me stuff and I didn’t want them to feel as though I’m ignoring them. Which leads me to ask this...If I don’t open a notification immediately would you feel like I’m ignoring you?

Day 2: Alright it’s the 2nd day and once again the hardest part were the mornings. Instagram has become my morning cup of Joe. It helps me stay awake and get my day started. Crazy right? I was surviving and thriving but there were certain things I wanted to search throughout the day to the point I almost asked my friends to do it for me! I didn’t that would have been a little too extreme.

I noticed by the 2nd day I’ve increased my time on Facebook, mainly just scrolling almost as if I was checking out my Instagram newsfeed. I also noticed I spent more time on Pinterest looking at clothing and outfit inspiration. Just as if I was on the explore page looking at Instagram influencers.

Day 3: The final day! Yes! I cheated again. I opened Instagram for 5 seconds on the toilet. LOL. I just had too but then I spent the day pretty good about it. I wanted to avoid the apps until midnight but I got sleepy and had to post on Colored Lens Instagram page (@coloredlenspod) for our Weekly Chit Chat and to share with you all that I did this cleanse.

Result: My no snapchat or instagram affected 0 relationships with the people who mattered. Anybody who still wanted to talk to me or check on me did so perfectly fine through text and sharing photos!

I’ve also spent less time on the app even when I allowed myself back on it.

Overall advice: Unplug for a few days, it makes you really evaluate what matters and truthfully just gives you a break. However, if you use the platforms for business purposes I can see how this seems like something you shouldn’t do. So unplug from your personal page and only focus on your business page. Like the old saying goes don’t mix business with pleasure ;)

Let me know if you would try the No Insta, No Snap Challenge!

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