Achieving the Instagram Face: SECRET REVEALED!

Influencers are using way more than Facetune to achieve their desired Instagram Face....

Before you go running to the store to buy the latest iPhone I thought you should know it takes more than just a good camera and Facetune to create the “Instagram Face" - cat eyes, lashes, neat nose, and full lips.

Other apps Instagram Influencers use:

Adobe Lightroom

  • First released: February 2007, used to import, save, edit, and share large digital images

  • % that use it: 29.30%

  • Cost: Free

Adobe Photoshop

  • First released: February 1990, industry standard for graphics editing but used for all things digital art

  • % that use it: 10.00%

  • Cost: $29.99 a month ($359 a year), $19.99 a month for students ($239 per year).


  • First released: June 2011, enhance photos and apply digital filters

  • % that use it: 7.60%

  • Cost: was $4.99 now free


  • First released: 2011, capture photos in the app and edit them

  • % that use it: 6.90%

  • Cost: free 7 day trial, $19.99 a year


  • First released - March 2013, known as a fun and powerful portrait & selfie photo editor

  • % that use it - 1.70%

  • Cost - Free to download but Facetune 2 has an annual fee of 9.99

Another 28.30% of Influencers did not even specify what app they even use! However, at least now you know the secret is way more than just using Facetune. If you’re looking to improve your Instagram knowing about these apps may come in handy.

I'm sharing this because it means that a lot of the services and products being advertised by Influencers can be edited to an extreme. Be careful what products you purchase or services booked based on an Instagram picture that you saw. (hint: airbrush works magic hiding a frontal lace).

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