Aaptiv Was My First Podcast

If you're looking for a cheap alternative to get fit Aaptiv might be right for you:

So I recently started back going to the gym because summer is coming! (not winter haha Game of Thrones reference if you didn't catch that) and of course I had to get my membership back with Aaptiv. Aaptiv is an app and acts like a personal trainer with dope music but it is 10x cheaper than a personal trainer. You get to select the type of workout, your music, your fitness level and so much more!

I began my Aaptiv my senior year of college (2018) when I was looking for a serious way to workout. I tried some other methods like Pinterest but it just didn't work out for me as it wasn't giving me that full motivation I was looking for. Don't worry, I love Pinterest for other stuff such as recipes, decor, and party planning but to each it's own.

I was just seeking more of a physical motivation but I knew I just couldn't afford a trainer or had the resources at the time.

So I figured why not give it a start. I think I first saw the ad on my Snapchat. I instantly fell in love with the app. I began with just a few elliptical and treadmill classes - you know nothing too crazy. Then I gave a few beginners classes a shot and everything was going great.

Fast fowarding today, I started back my gym regimen. I love going to the gym not only to workout but for my mental and emotional state. There is something about working out that just gives you a positive energy throughout your day.

However, it wasn't until last week I noticed that maybe Aaptiv was my first podcast. Actually it was definitely my first podcast. I was able to build relationships with different trainers (shoutout to Mike and Sultan) follow their workout and their stories. You can also download any "episodes" you want or need if you won't be connected to the internet. Sounds similar to a podcast right? Just as with a podcast we follow someone or a group of people and hear the stories that they have to share without ever having to see them or use any type of visuals. We can relate to them, they give us advice, insights, or just allow us to have a great day and be entertained.

I just wanted to share that thought. If you're seeking motivation to workout, I highly recommend Aaptiv (you don't need a gym membership)! If you're already into podcasts - like mine (@coloredlenspod) then listening to Aaptiv will be a wonderful experience. Looking to work out with a personal trainer at a low cost? Aaptiv is the place to be it works!

They also offer student discounts, sends out weekly motivational emails, there is a facebook group, and so much more all for a rough price of $10 a month. You build an Aaptiv family.

It's truly the best fitness app ever!

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