5 Steps To Improve Your Body As Told By Massi

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

You're stuck at home and probably considering workout routines, diets, and detoxes to improve your body. Here are some steps I learned from my recent conversation with Online Fitness Coach, Massi on what we need to do before hitting a gym.

1. Ask yourself, "What is it you really want?"

You've decided that you want to improve your body but the first step you need to do before running to the treadmill is to have a conversation with yourself. Take a step back and figure out what it is you really want for your body. Do you want to loose weight for health reasons? Do you want to gain weight? Do you want to build on your strength? Once you've figured out what it is you really want then you can begin your research.

2. Double check your resources

Now that you know what it is you want, it's time to do some homework. There are tons of resources out there. From your Instagram feed, to YouTube videos, to Pinterest graphics, we seem them everywhere. You may be looking at fitness models and/or trainers for inspiration but keep in mind your lifestyle is not their lifestyle. As Massi said on our podcast episode, it's like comparing apples to oranges. Find and follow the people you resonate with who has a similar lifestyle like yours. If you spotted the people who are faking it - stop watching them. Protect your mind, do your research, and make sure their legit.

3. Understand that it's more than just working out

In the media, the common message is to "just work out" but it's actually not all that simple. As Massi taught me, the calories you burn working out is only about 10-20% of the total daily calories that your body stores. That's why it's so important to follow the other steps I've listed below.

4. Change your diet

Changing your diet doesn't mean to only eat bland foods. However, understanding your diet and nutrition is a very important to step if you're looking to improve your body.

5. Self Acceptance

Which brings me to my final but most important step. Change what you can with diet and exercise but accept yourself for who you are.

Remember that all of our fitness journeys will look different. Give yourself grace and start where you are. Other people are not your green light. Be inspired by others but don't compare or compete with anyone but yourself - and don't kill yourself trying to get a Kardashian figure!

If you would like to learn more you can listen to the full podcast episode here: https://www.colored-lens.com/podcast/episode/4865cbaf/how-to-achieve-the-right-body-with-online-coach-get-fit-with-massi

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