5 Reasons You Should be Listening to Podcasts

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Have you discovered this magical medium yet? One of the easiest entertainment to find with over 30 million episodes are podcasts. Podcasts are digital audio files made for downloading on your computer or mobile device. They’re available on multiple platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify as well as other podcasting websites and apps.

If you’re unsure on whether you should start listening to podcasts here are 5 reasons why.


Don’t shy away from the word “subscribe”. Podcasts are free audio content. It’s probably one of the only media platforms where a subscription doesn’t come with a free trial - while putting your card on file or paying a monthly fee. Who doesn’t love free entertainment?


Most people don’t even realize that they already have millions of podcasts already available right in front of them. If you have an IPhone you already have the podcasts app (just search podcasts). No IPhone? No problem. If you have Spotify or Google Play you also have access to millions of podcasts. Love using your Alexa in the morning? She has podcasts! A fan of Pandora? They recently launched their podcasts. On your desktop or laptop during work or school just search podcasts on Google and while you’re at it make sure to search Colored Lens.

3. PERFECT FOR MINDLESS CHORES OR TASKS Catch yourself spending mindless time doing nothing? Scrolling on Instagram a little too long? Podcasts are the perfect opportunity to keep your brain active and engaged. Your mom got you washing the dishes and cleaning the house? It’s the perfect time to pop in your headphones and listen to a podcast. It’s a great way to pass the time instead of nagging about being bored or those awful chores.


Ok well you probably won’t get a PHD degree by listening to podcasts but you can certainly learn about any subject or industry. There are a bunch of shows out there that teaches you about specific studies or even career paths. For example there’s a podcast about learning how to create your own podcast (PodSchool). Looking to land your first entry level role in your desired field? You might want to check out Colored Lens Podcast.


Alright so maybe this one is a little debatable. However, listening to podcasts instead of music during your commute or even on a bad day can be very inspirational, informative, or just simply funny. Also you’re less likely to get bored from playing the same playlists over and over. No more skipping songs because the availability is endless. Unlike music, with podcasts you’re able to tailor it more specifically to your mood or what you’re curious about. Feel like you need to learn how to budget? There’s a podcast about that. Want to hear your favorite comedian go at it? There’s a podcast for that. Want to just hear the latest about the media industry? There’s Colored Lens Podcast for that.

I hope one or all of these reasons make you decide to listen to podcasts. They’re endless! If you decide to take a shot make sure you check out mine Colored Lens FREE and AVAILABLE wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Colored Lens Podcast available here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/colored-lens/id1452977100

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