10 Toxic Relationship Habits You're Doing Told Through GIFS.

Did you realize that YOU could be the reason why your relationships haven't been working out? Or even stuck in a situationship? Or maybe even the reason why you never hear back after a few dates?

Here are 10 Toxic habits you're probably doing that has been ruining every situation you've entered:

1. You've Allowed The Butterflies To Go Away

So you did all the work to get the girl or guy and when you finally got them you just stopped everything that you we're doing before. You've stopped making the effort which causes one or both of you to loose interest.

2. You're A Copy Cat

You're too focused on copying what you see online and recreating couple goals instead of focusing on what the other person wants and needs from you.

3. You Hate Yourself

You've never learned how to love yourself and make yourself happy so how can you love others and make them happy? You simply can't.

4. You Don't Know How To Be Teammates

As humans we are competitive by nature but if you're focused on what you have and what they don't have, it's always going to be about trying to beat them instead of supporting them.

5. You Have To Work Together

Which brings me to my fifth point, an unbreakable bond happens when you're willing to work together because you'll always have each other backs through the good, bad, and the ugly because life without each other simply wouldn't be an option.

6. You're A Liar

You're not letting them get to know the real you. You're omitting certain parts that you don't want them to know or learn which will only backfire, if you can never be 100% yourself. Nobody should expect you to be perfect.

7. You're Telling Too Many People Your Business

Every bad situation doesn't mean you should run and tell your friends. Disclosing your business to someone else might allow gossip in another circle. You never know who's praying on your failure or giving you bad advice! Their not apart of your situation, you are.

8. You're Arguing Instead of Communicating

If you've started arguing before the relationship...just forget it. There’s a difference between an argument and having a disagreement. Communicate the things that bother you, understand each other perspective, apologize if you need to, and make the right next move.

9. You're Not Finding A Balance

Being 'booked and busy' may seem attractive at first but you have to dedicate enough time for each other. If you’re always too busy for the next person well it won’t work. The more time you spend together, the more you’ll know the person and you’ll know if it’s a relationship worth being in.

10. You're Not Checking Your Friends

Affairs are not started in the bedroom, you don't just slip and fall. It starts with conversations. Confiding in the gender you're attracted too other than the person you're with or want to be with is a simple no. Feelings are naturally developed because well guess what you're building a relationship with that person that within the blink of an eye can become a romantic one.

Now that you know how YOU may be the problem check out my episode here on other ways to make your next relationship your last.

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